Silverloy Physical Ag Innovate Bandage (10 Packs)
  • Silverloy Physical Ag Innovate Bandage (10 Packs)


    Using Silverloy patented physical Ag antibacterial technology, the band- aid can effectively restrain the enroach of bacteria on the wound as well as reducing inflammation. With high permeability and waterproof surface, it provides the most comprehensive protection for your wound (antibacterial layer is on the second layer).

    • Product Description


      Standard:20mm x 72mm
      Extra Large:50mm x 75mm


      Small Pack:Standard 4 pcs+ Extra large 1pcs
      Total:10pcs/box 90x105x 40

    • Pay Attention:

      Pay Attention: We are currently underdevelopment, if you want to purchase outside of the Hong Kong or Australia, please contact our country representative. Thank you.

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