Silverloy Physical Ag Antibacterial Insole- Athletic for Ladies
  • Silverloy Physical Ag Antibacterial Insole- Athletic for Ladies

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    The second layer of the insole apply Silverloy patented physical Ag antibacterial technology, can effectively inhibit foot bacteria, prevent odor due to bacterial growth of beriberi and foot disease. With superior insole material, strong permeability and high flexibility, it provides the healthiest and comfortable feeling for your feet.


    Apart from antibacterial, there are some other features:

    - Shockproof

    - Non-slip - High quality PU Cotton and durable

    - Breathable

    • Product Description

      Silverloy Physical Ag Antibacterial Insole- Athletic for Ladies x1

      Athletic insole design for user when they are having sports activities which allows rebound when walking, jumping or running.

      Size: 36-40

      Packing: 97 x 286(+4) x 26

    • How to Size and Cut Shoe Insoles

      Step 1: What You Need
      You will need a pair of shoes with the ORIGINAL insoles still in them and a pair of new insoles. You will also need a marking pen and a pair of scissors.
      Step 2: Take Shoes Apart.
      Next, you need to remove the original insoles from the shoes. If the original insoles are glued in place, you cannot use this method. 
      Step 3: Align the Insoles.
      Put the original insole on top of the new insole. Line up the back of the heel and the arch as best you can. 
      Step 4: Trace the Original Insole.
      While holding the original insole aligned against the new insole use a marking pen to trace along the toe section of the original insole. This is going to be your cut line.
      Step 5: Cut the New Insole.
      Now, cut your new insole just inside the line you just drew. 
      Step 6: Insert the New Insole.
      Put the new insole into the shoe. It will not just slide in; you will still have to get your hand in there and smooth it out, but it should fit perfectly.
      Step 7: Enjoy!
      Enjoy your new comfortable walking experience.

    • Pay Attention:

      Pay Attention: We are currently underdevelopment, if you want to purchase outside of the Hong Kong or Australia, please contact our country representative. Thank you.

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