Silverloy Physical Ag Antibacterial Facial Mask (5pcs)
  • Silverloy Physical Ag Antibacterial Facial Mask (5pcs)


    Using Silverloy company technology of physical Ag, antibacterial sterilization mask can effectively cleanse the skin from bacteria, suppressing facial acne and other acne problems, with soft material, more attached to the face, moisturizing facial skin.

    • Features:

      Facial Mask 5 pcs



      - Rich with nutritional essence

      - Revitalizes and provides prolonged nourishment by replenishing dry and rough skin

      - Improve skin elasticity to give you a baby-soft touch

      - Blemish killer and recovery

      - Lower the chance of getting inflammation

      - Kill bacteria and no more acne on your face

    • Pay Attention:

      Pay Attention: We are currently underdevelopment, if you want to purchase outside of the Hong Kong or Australia, please contact our country representative. Thank you.

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