Silverloy 3D Hygienic Face Mask- Adult (10pcs)
  • Silverloy 3D Hygienic Face Mask- Adult (10pcs)


    The mask applied Silverloy patented technology of physical Ag antibacterial, can effectively block air pollution particles, at the same time can also provide more comfortable feeling when wearing. The mask contains 4 layers of cloth, covering the second layer is Silverloy physical Ag antibacterial non-woven cloth, plus a blocking layer which can kill the bacteria entering the body, while preventing bacteria breed on the mask. Silverloy patented cross loop design is to liberate elastic damage to your ear which provide comfort to users all day long. 

    • Product Description

      3D Hygienic Face Mask for Adult

      23.5 x 15.5cm


    • Features:


      First layer:3S melt-blown fabric

      Second layer: Silverloy physical Ag antibacterial cloth
      Third layer: non-woven cloth

      -Physical Ag antibacterial cloth is able to prevent bacteria breeding and kill the bacteria entering the host
      -Dust Protection PM 2.5

      - High permeability, comfortable and long lasting, soft material

      -Silverloy special design 3D mask allows user have more space to breath and able to talk loudly even wearing the mask

    • Pay Attention:

      Pay Attention: We are currently underdevelopment, if you want to purchase outside of the Hong Kong or Australia, please contact our country representative. Thank you.

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