Introducing Silverloy Hygienic Mask 

The PM2.5 standard hygienic mask applies Silverloy's Physical Ag antibacterial technology over four functional and thin layers, resisting bacteria breed on the mask while blocking dusts, germs and particles. The layers feature:

  • 1st Layer: Anti-adhesive layer, waterproof and block droplets

  • 2nd Layer: High efficiency filter with PM 2.5 standard to block dusts, germs and particles

  • 3rd Layer:SilverloyPhysical Ag anti-bacterial layer to prevent bacteria from entering the body

  • 4th Layer: Skin-friendly surface with breathable material from entering the bottom layers.

【UPGRADED VERSION】Passed the SGS testing for BFE>99% and PFE>99%, and fluid resistance test 80mmhg. The masks also have the CE accreditation.

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