Is there any certification for Silverloy, is the quality and antibacterial effect guaranteed?

The patent invention and related products of Silverloy have won many gold awards in international competitions. So far, more than 20 world invention patent technology certificates have been obtained with unique physical silver micro-antibacterial technology, and more than 20 patents are still under review. A number of daily-use products using physical silver micron antibacterial materials have obtained invention patents and have been launched into the market. Our company research and development strength is self-evident. The company has obtained invention patents from many countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, etc., and has been certified by many of the world's top testing institutions such as SILLIKER, SGS, Germany, TUV, etc., and has docked physical silver micro-technology with more products. Used in medical equipment and life sciences. The combination of physical silver micro-antibacterial technology and personal care products has opened up a new era of physical and strong antibacterial applications! For details, please visit [ About Us]

What do I want to get the latest product information from Silverloy?

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Can I place an order outside of Hong Kong?

Unfortunately the purchase online and store pick-up service on this website is only applicable to Hong Kong at the moment. If the area you purchase is outside Hong Kong, please contact/purchase with our partners. Thank you for understanding.

What is Physical Inorganic Silver Micron-Particle (SMP) ?

SMP is a patented technology where using heat process (dry) forms particles containing silver. As the opposite charged ions attract and bind together, bacterial movement is restricted and its micro- environment is disrupted, cellular interactions such as active transport process (cellular breathing) also malfunctions. SMP also interacts with the sulfhydryl group (thiol) to solidify proteins, destroying enzyme synthesis within the cell, thus ending the cells’ survival mechanism, ultimately causing cell death once bound. From this interaction by SMP , the cell wall and cell membrane is deformed, proteins and enzyme functions disrupted, causing cell rupture , also known as “apoptosis”.

How does Physical Inorganic Silver Micron-Particle (SMP) anti-bacterial works?

All bacterial cell wall and cell membrane carries a negative charge, and SMP carries a positive charge, hence through SMP it creates an ionic binding effect.

SMP Anti-bacteral Efficacy?

SMP can eliminate up to 650 types of bacteria within a shot period of time. It promotes wound healing and removes odors. The most unique characteristic ofSMP is that even if covered by other materials up to 50um thick, antibacterial capability still remains.

What is the Difference Between SMP and Nano Silver?

SMP interlocks with carrier metal, therefore SMP not releasable. Through SGS testing, results show when boiled in water for 30 mins then cooled till room temperature,SMP is not released yet still maintained anti-bacterial capability. Reports proven while using product, no side effects are shown. Regardless to age and gender,SMP products are safe to use.

Does Silverloy have a store?

Unfortunately Silverloy does not have store yet, but you may purchase online.

What payment methods are there at the store?

General pharmacies accept cash or credit card payments

Can I exchange/return/refund?

All of Silverloy's products are packaged in a sterile factory and then released onto the market. Therefore, if there is no factory mistake or fault with the package of the product, the product has an absolute quality guarantee. However, if you encounter problems with quality or feel abnormal after using our products, please contact us as soon as possible, we will give you a replacement/refund/return for free.

If you are interested in our technology or cooperation, what can you do?

  1. Silverloy’s physical ag technology invention department can cooperate with your company in processing (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We provide our service from production to packaging. If you are interested, please contact us.

  2. If your company have already equipped with production facility, you can also purchase silver micron particle semi-finished product from us, such as SMP PE film, SMP Decoration Materials/ SMP Clothing Materials. You can design and produce your own anti-bacterial products.

  3. Besides, you can also purchase Silver Micron raw materials and develop your technological products. We provide comprehensive technical support and very welcome to join our team. Silverloy hopes to exploit this technology in helping more people.

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