Module 1: Children & Adolescent Mental Health Nature and Scope of Mental Health Mental and Physical Health Disorders: Infancy to Adolescents Lifestyle and Nutrition Children to Adolescents Social and Environmental Concerns: Children and Adolescents Emotional Wellbeing in Children and Adolescents Psychological Health Concerns: Children and Adolescents Holistic Health and Well-being: Children and Adolescents An Approach to Mental Well-being and Recovery Building Resilience for Mental Well-being Mental Wellbeing Support Services for Children and Adolescents An insight into understanding mental health (An interview with Matt Green - Mental Health Specialist) Module 2: Mental Health in Adults Introduction To Mental Health Issues Depression In Men And Women Anxiety, Phobias and OCD Schizophrenia Antisocial Personality Disorders Eating Disorders Dementias Helping Yourself In Mental Health Issues Services For Mental Health Issues


Social Service Worker and Case Worker Mental Health Outreach Officer Life Coach (grief, rehabilitation, addictions, academic/career) Mental Health Coordinator Family and Marriage Therapist Outreach and Community Support Officer Support Worker Community Services Aide Work Community Programs Mental Health Coordinator Family and Marriage Therapist Disabilities Services Officer